Golf trends are growing, so construction design is being considered by many businesses or individuals, and it is likely that the future will be the main theme of the sport.

Before going into the matter, you should understand that there are usually two types of, being of interest: large outdoor scale, and mini golf can put it anywhere. Of course, the design – construction of these two types will be somewhat different. For you to understand, imagine more about it, this article may be helpful to you

Video quá trình thi công sân golf mini từ cỏ nhân tạo

1 . Golf Course Design – How We Work

It is one of the most important stages, it determines the number of visitors to the training ground as well as the results of the players training.

In order to build a standard golf practice field, attracting a large number of customers, golf course design plays a very important role. This work requires the designer to understand the terrain, experience both moderate design and construction experience. To choose a prestigious unit, the quality of the new sports field is not an easy thing

Ảnh minh họa bản thiết kế
Ảnh minh họa bản thiết kế

Golf not only meets the standards in terms of parameters but also guarantees the space as well as the scenery of the training ground. Does the construction in that terrain have any difficulties and what is the target of this investor? For investors, golf training grounds are a relatively new form of investment so they need to thoroughly research and choose the right training ground design.

Process completed in 6 steps


If you are interested in international standard golf design then you can: learn more

2.Golf Training – Why choose us?

The quality of a professional golf course determines 80% of your training results, so a golf course is a standard and should be selected for the construction work to achieve high results, let’s Let’s find out. Being a relatively new sport in Vietnam, to play this sport to the professional level requires a long process of learning and training, in which the quality of playground also plays a very important role. . Maybe your skill is good but the quality of the training field is not good then the result you collect is just 0. So choose a good training ground for you to practice.

khung cảnh golf phong cách cổ điển
khung cảnh golf phong cách cổ điển

We understand what a standard golf course is and how to make it

There are many factors that make up this problem. Depending on the terrain, the designers will come up with the most suitable designs. The common denominator of an international standard golf course includes an 18-hole track, a re-polishing line (including land between the tee and the hole). Corridors, grass areas, obstacles are carefully calculated by the designers before the construction of the golf course.

Why You Should Choose Us:

As we all know, he is the only “partner” of Contour – golf design in Vietnam. They have extensive experience in the design and construction of golf courses in a wide variety of terrains. Song Anh was very honored to join with Contour and consult international golf courses in Vietnam such as Cam Ranh Golf and Villas, Son My Villas in Phan Thiet.

At Song Anh House, there are many designers, engineers with extensive experience and knowledge in the field of design and construction. But he gradually asserted his own ability through the works they build. With what has shown, S.A deserves to be selected as one of the prestigious units in Golf in Vietnam.

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3.Where is the golf course located? Is there any difference?

Before you call us. The first thing we ask of you when making golf courses, locations and site surveys. Since then we have decided to quote and work with you.

The purpose is very much not counted. But here are some typical examples that some of the most personal businesses use.

Outdoor golf course

Outdoor golf requires the construction unit to have a lot of experience in construction, ensuring the construction of high quality and longevity with time. Mostly with this type, Grass uses it as natural grass.

sân golf ngoài trời trong khuôn viên sân nhà
sân golf ngoài trời trong khuôn viên sân nhà

sân golf ngoài trời trong khuôn viên sân nhà

sân golf ngoài trời trong khuôn viên sân nhà

Process done for you to understand and visualize:

  • Step 1: Prepare site preparation

The job of clearing the ground before building a golf course is a very important job. Normally when building it outdoors you need to clear the trees and bushes and locate the different positions in a golf course. We need to follow detailed drawings by detailed drawings such as a miniature golf course on paper, we need to follow exactly. For large pitches, pitching time usually takes between 3 and 6 days

  • Step 2: Dig and fill

This job requires experienced specialists, depending on the location of the land to decide which area should be retained, which areas should be excavated and which areas should be covered.

  • Step 3: Format

This is one of the main stages of the golf course or putting green. Construction supervision at this stage requires a combination of experience and ability to handle situations arisen in the most skillful way. Not only good management and control of the motorized teams, supervisors also have to flexibly handle situations on the site such as:

-Meet big rocks in the ground.

-Placements are easy to be missed, missed.

-Weak area or wetlands

  • Step 4: Construction of drainage system
  • Step 5: Install the sprinkler system
  • Step 6: San sand
  • Step 7: Plant and grow grass
  • Step 8: Cut there by standard

Indoor mini golf

In recent years there is a tendency to increase because of this form of golf is quite convenient, take advantage of the vacant space in living space, saving time and costs of players. Why in the house is called the mini-reason is simply small area and not meet the standards of a large-scale golf course.

Indoor mini golf is by taking advantage of many indoor locations such as the garden corner, a corner of the house to do. You can put it by the pool, blending green grass, blending with the blue water in the swimming pool with the shimmering golden light that makes a scene like we are lost in a castle, To do everything we want. Choosing an indoor golf course is a wise decision, and every member has the opportunity to play a useful and interesting sport. In addition to the indoor location, it can also be installed and installed in the office, cafe, restaurant, increase the elegance and aesthetics of the surrounding space.

Golf trong nhà kết hợp màn hình Thiên nhiên
Golf trong nhà kết hợp màn hình Thiên nhiên

Golf competition

Often the area is very large from several dozen to hundreds of hectares, with large areas of design can be arranged with Golf 9 holes, 18 holes or 36 holes depending on the width of the existing land, with Each hole Golf designer can design a different terrain from easy to hard to convince players.

Golf service

Sân golf ở một khu du lịch nghỉ mát
Sân golf ở một khu du lịch nghỉ mát

This type of business used to use them for business purposes, the area of only a few hundred square meters to build a practice golf course. In addition to the golf course often arranged a Green players to train before the game.

Some pictures from SongAnh and Contour Golf Design partner made

Increasingly, the social space has narrowed. Models of indoor mini golf practice or Putting Green golf net. With the small space of your home you can turn them into an ideal playground to practice with.

Do not stop here

In this sports industry, we not only specialize in design – all golf courses but also provide grass for the purpose of making them. We did not intend to develop this idea when a customer asked about it, so with the support and the needs of our guests, we developed and became a part of the golf industry. For more information, please contact us at Hotline: +84 907 092 421, we always support you 24/24 or visit our website:  for more information.