Golf grass is not a simple matter because golf grass decides to be part of the training quality of the golfers and that is one of the criteria for golfer to evaluate golf course quality.

Choosing grass for a golf course is quite important. It determines the quality of your golf course, the amount of visitors, and the cost of your investment. Determine clearly the purpose, the natural conditions of the training ground and the amount of money you have to be able to choose the right golf course grass.

Golf grass types

On the market today there are two main types of golf grass that are natural grass and artificial turf. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. You need to base on the cost, training conditions to choose the right grass.

For natural grass, the golf course will require a higher level of investment, which needs to be meticulously cared for from planting, to grass care and cutting. Do not forget that the grass grows a little longer so you can cut it short so you need a date book and a regular cut schedule.

As artificial grass is different, artificial grass does not require too much from the care but using artificial grass in such a way that the effectiveness and longevity of the grass is not an issue. Artificial grass is easy to install and move, and you can do it yourself without the overwhelming support of experts. You should pay attention to the high terrain, dry weather and water resources are not plentiful, you should choose the form of artificial golf, because artificial grass does not depend too much on conditions Natural climate outside and you will not take too much care time. Remember that you have to understand the location, natural conditions where you place the golf course to choose the right grass.

Sân golf cỏ tự nhiên
Blue of natural grass in golf

1. artificial grass golf course

Artistic grass turf is increasingly emerging in Vietnam. The owners decide to choose artificial turf of the golf course because with artificial grass they do not need to spend too much to hire labor to care for, move the artificial turf position more easily than natural grass and cost. Lower initial investment. Because of that, artificial turf is more and more favored.

Sân tập golf cỏ nhân tạo
Golf course artificial turf

Today there are two popular artificial grass types: grass 13-13 and green grass HF 12. With these two grasses there will be different density and spacing of grass. Depending on the terrain, we choose the right grass. For example, for grasses KM 13-25, the grass usually has a height of about 13mm, the spacing is usually set at 0.5cm in a row and the grass density is 6600 / m2. This grass is made of PE Curled Monoilament is quite durable and affordable.

The kind of grass that Song Anh supply for you

cỏ nhân tạo golf cỏ nhân tạo golf cỏ nhân tạo golf cỏ nhân tạo golf

2. Natural golf grass

Grass in Song Anh is committed to quality, durability, easy care and friendly to the environment.

Natural grass golf course has become familiar to golfers. With this type of golf course players have a relaxed feel, close to the environment and they feel confident in each shot finish. To find a natural grass golf course supply just quality and affordable price on the market today is not easy. Let’s find the answer to this question together.

Natural grass golf course requires careful care as well as planting process quite thorough. Unlike artificial grass, the natural grass of the golf course needs to be planted on the ground and can not be planted on cement. Grasses need to be planted on a soil that meets the nutritional and natural conditions required to grow. Natural grass golf course requires a thorough and thoughtful care process, can not be installed and does not require as much care as artificial grass. Investing in natural grass golf courses also costs more than artificial grass. On the contrary, playing golf on artificial grass is often more comfortable and more environmentally friendly to golfer.

Sân golf cỏ tự nhiên
The greens of a large-scale golf project

Golf courses in different terrain types will suit different grass species. For golf courses close to the coast, Seashore Paspalum grass, which tolerates coastal climate and is easy to take care of. Also in high altitude, hot dry climates, Zoysia grass should be selected, which is low in height, with good abrasion resistance. In addition, you can refer to other grasses such as TifeAge Golf and Bermuada Golf, which are quite suitable for tropical climates in Vietnam.

The process of planting grass for natural golf

Song Anh Company, we are honored to bring to you the natural grass planting process for golf course according to international standards as follows:

  • Clean up the construction site
  • Land preparation and spreading
  • Canvas sunshades and grass spray
  • Trimming and creating holes
Chăm sóc sân golf cỏ tự nhiên
Chăm sóc sân golf cỏ tự nhiên

The natural lawn gives the player the feeling of being comfortable and environmentally friendly. If there is a demand for natural grass for golf, please contact Song Anh for assistance.

Natural grass species Song Anh

1.SeaShore Golf Paspalum